Stories of Inspiration

We all connect in different ways, we hope there is a story below that can inspire you to be the best version of yourself

Andrew Hackett is the international best-selling Author of “Free
from Fear” and the “Fearless Series”. For more than 20 years
Andrew has been helping people think outside their limitations
to move beyond their fears so they can start living a limitless
life. Andrew teaches us how to find a different perspective, to
awaken us from our fear driven slumber.

In this interview Andrew speaks candidly of the sexual abuse that he endured at the hands of a school teacher when he was in year 10 and the importance of speaking up before looking for answers at the bottom of the bottle.

Jeanette Allom-Hill has come a long way – physically, emotionally and professionally – since her fractured family was forced to flee South Africa when she was just seven.  Jeanette has overcome many personal challenges in her life - Adopted at birth to a family that had to escape South Africa during very traumatic circumstances to living with a mother who had a breakdown and was physically and emotionally abusive, to being very badly bullied at school, would have permanently stymied many. But not this Sunshine Coast mother who has become a highly respected and sought-after expert in the field of Strategy and Change Leadership. Jeanette has recently won the prestigious 2020 Telstra Queensland Business Women’s Public Sector & Academia Award.  The award proves that you can balance Grace and Grit and be kind and gusty and courageous and still always be your true self.

Leon Stensholm started body building in 2001 after suffering a number of injuries that would end his promising soccer career. It quickly transpired that what Leon lacked in muscle, was made up for in spades by the sheer grit and determination he focused on his new sport. Six years ago, following the suicide of his best mate and brother Dean, Leon decided to pursue his dreams and founded Body by Leon Coaching and Personal Training. So committed to helping people to totally transform their body and mind Leon has also completed a Diploma in Counselling and written his first book, ‘It`s how you think’. 

Jess Irvine is an Australian Singer / Songwriter, chai & life lover.  Here she opens up to Annie and speakings honestly of growing up with eating disorders and anxiety and how she has overcome them.  ​Jess has felt the calling to use her voice to create connection since she was too small to hesitate and hasn’t missed a single opportunity to sing, dance or perform since. In addition to beginning her solo music project, this year Jess also stepped into the role of host of ‘Divine by Jess Irvine’, a podcast for creatives, dreamers and spiritual seekers.

Over the past 5 years Adam Sellars has been on what could be described as a spiritual journey that has culminated in the colliding of two worlds that have shaped the person he is today. As an athlete Adam has always grappled with the pressure that is part and parcel of the sporting experience and the other is his own battles with the pressures in life which at one point threatened to cripple and derail his life. The misunderstood sport of Freediving has opened Adam’s eyes to a new way of living and coping with the pressures and stresses of sporting, work, and his personal life, which Adam wishes to share with teams, organisations and individuals alike. The principles of meditation, power of breath and breath hold and the ability to embrace and withstand the powerful messages from the brain which limit us is what Adam has used to empower himself and others in his new path of helping people unlock their potential through releasing the shackles of pressure.