This candle radiates inner peace, emotional & physical well being and helps to clear any blockages to begin to recieve postive energies in your life. 


Crystals/Gemstones- Clear Quartz & Amethyst.

Scent - Peony & Jasmine. 


Once your candle is finished, keep your beautiful crystals by cautiously rinsing them with warm water.


Please read the safety instructions carefully before burning your candle.

Peaceful Wellbeing Candle

  • 100% Soy Wax - Musk


    Amethyst - Brings inner peace, balance, courage and strength. Relieves stress and anxiety whilst soothing fear and sadness. Rids negativity and alleviates headaches.

    Clear Quartz - Known as the master healer, energizes your chakras & any other crystal or stone it is near whilst helping with clarity & creativity.