A beautiful choice for yourself or any loved one. This lovely design helps promote positivity and calmness in your home, whilst surrounding you with love.


Once your candle is finished, keep your beautiful crystals by cautiously rinsing them with warm water.


Please read the safety instructions carefully before burning your candle.

Positive Wellbeing Candle

  • 100% Soy Wax - Lychee & Black Tea


    Rose Quartz -Brings unconditional love to self, others and any situation needing love.  Promote calmness, peace and helps to understand emotions.

    Amethyst - Brings inner peace, balance, courage and strength. Relieves stress and anxiety whilst soothing fear and sadness. Rids negativity and alleviates headaches.

    Aventurine - Gives good luck in any situation especially prosperity and wealth.