This beautiful candle has a strong combination of crystals that all release good health benefits.


Once your candle is finished, keep your beautiful crystals by cautiously rinsing them with warm water.


Please read the safety instructions carefully before burning your candle.

Good Health Candle

  • 100% Soy Wax - Peony and Jasmine


    Turquoise - Promotes kindness, calmness, trust, leadership and success. Very good for overall wellbeing.

    Fluorite - Absorbs and neutralizes negative energy within your body and home.

    Hematite - Excellent for healing and cleansing the body.

    Sodalite - Good health, self worth, high in magnesium, salt and calcium.

    Agate - Harmonizing your emotions/energy and promotes self confidence.

    Clear quartz - Known as the master healer, energizes your chakras and any other crystal or stone it is near whilst helping with clarity and creativity.