Infuse your car with the sweet scents of Young Living essential oils with the Car Vent Diffuser! This simple, stylish diffuser uses oil-absorbing cotton pads and the A.C. or heat from your air vents to fill your vehicle with the aromatic benefits of essentials oils.

Use Stress Away™ during rush hour, Orange in the mornings and Peppermint while driving at night. Keep your favourite essential oils in your bag, add a few drops to the cotton pads, and you’ll be cruising with your favourite aroma in no time!



  • Car Vent Diffuser
  • 6 reusable cotton pads


Benefits & Features


  • No batteries or cables required.
  • Sturdy, long-lasting custom design.
  • Well ventilated for maximum airflow.
  • Strong magnetic closure keeps cotton pad in place.
  • Adapts easily to any car vent configuration with rotating clip.

Car Vent Diffuser

    • Put 6 - 8 drops of essential oil on the cotton pad.
    • Open the diffuser using the notch opposite the hinge.
    • Place the pad inside the diffuser, oil side down.
    • Close the diffuser. Pull out the back clip to rotate the YL logo until it’s oriented to your vent.
    • Clip on to your vent and turn the air on to diffuse the aroma.
    • Hand wash the cotton pad as needed.

    Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Not for children under the age of 3.

    Warning: Chocking hazard due to small parts.