Reflection and Thanks

The View upon arrival at Mt Batur - but it gets better when you stand on the deck and practice Qi Gong, a healing discipline combining movement, breath and meditation feeling like you are are standing on the clouds

We practised Qi Gong every morning on retreat in the beautiful tranquil setting of Villa Beji Inda, but nothing compares to the session that morning at Mt Batur, the connection that I felt to my surroundings, the universal flow of energy that helped me release the stagnated energy in my body that had built up over years of living in survival mode. At the end of Qi Gong that morning, I stood on the deck with a coffee in my shaking hand and tears rolling down my face looking out to Mt Batur and all of the surrounding beauty and, as I watched the clouds roll away, I watched 15 years of my life float away with them. I felt a physical and emotional transformation and I now know that I am free to move forward with positive energy and start living again.

I am not responsible for the failing of others;

I deserve to be happy;

I deserve to live with meaning and purpose;

I am worthy of giving love AND

I am worthy of receiving love

Thank you Jules Allen and Lifeforce Wellbeing I will be back again next year 🙏

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