Our Purpose

Our Vision

A place where you can truly be yourself and get the resources you need to support you, your friend or child in a time of need. The days of hiding behind a fake smile and going through our days pretending are behind us.  Lets move forward and speak up and out about these issues in Australia.

Our Purpose

To give a voice to child victims of sexual abuse
  • Remove the stigma around child abuse in our Society;

  • Empower child victims to speak out when abuse first occurs;

  • Educate adults to listen and believe a child’s disclosure of abuse;

  • Raise awareness of the connection between child sexual abuse and mental health issues;

  • Raise awareness of the effects of child sexual abuse on secondary victims (i.e., family, carers, friends);

  • Facilitating appropriate therapeutic services for victims of child sexual abuse and secondary victims of child sexual abuse;

  • Advocate for protection and respect of children who are victims, or at risk of child sexual abuse;

  • Advocate for changes in the judicial system to better protect children who are victims, or at risk of child sexual abuse

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