I was a mother of four beautiful intelligent children, a successful businesswoman and married to the love of my life for ten years.  A man I entrusted my life to and the lives of my children, a man of honour, a pillar of society, so well respected by so many.  We didn't have a charmed life, but we had love, strength and respect for each other.  We had happy healthy kids who achieved at school and sports, we had dreams and plans for our future, it was enough for us to be happy, or so I thought .... That all changed in October 2015. For so long another side to this man had been kept hidden, the more the story evolved the more it seemed like a whole other person.  It is extremely difficult to put the two together - A loving husband, provider and protector to our family and the sadistic sexual predator who preyed upon our daughter.  The lives of all of us have been changed forever. 

Part of our aim at no more fake smiles is to use the experience gained from navigating so many systems such as justice, victims services, family law, mental health to name a few, to help others going through the same experience and also bring about change.  We recognise from first hand experience that it is not only the abused child that is the victim in these circumstances, we understand the trauma caused has a far wider reach and we are here to support the whole family.

We believe that one size does not fit all, and this is the same for therapy and healing.  For some, psychology might be the best thing, for others practicing mindfulness, or running or maybe all three.  If you are reading this and you wish to colloborate to help families going through trauma from child abuse please contact us.


Listen  Believe  Respect  Support